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Happy Hopping Frog Solar Kit OWI Almost comical, this little green amphibian with jiggling eyes leaps using its hind legs and rub- ber feet. The tailless, leaping mini solar kit is acti- vated by the power of the sun's rays; no batteries required. Easy-to-assemble kit demonstrates alter- native energy principles. For ages 10+.

Kids First Biology Lab Thames & Kosmos Discover the science of living things with this complete introductory microscope kit. The illustrated 11-experiment manual guides you through observations of

many living specimens: onion cells, pond water, chloroplasts, plant stem cross sections, microorganisms, mouth cells, meat cells, different types of hair and fur, dust mites, bugs, pollen in honey and much more. For ages 8+. Includes 3 prepared specimens on a slide, 4 blank slides, cover slips, twee- zers, needle, section slicing tool, vial and manual. Stk. Mfr. Price 893708 635213 $39.00







Solar Mechanics Kit Thames & Kosmos Learn about solar power in a fun, hands-on way. Build more than 20 so- lar-powered models to learn about how solar cells convert energy from sunlight into mechan- ical energy. Conduct experiments with the solar cell to see how different placement angles, different light levels, different sources of light, and different loads affect its operation. Includes 61-pieces and manual. Stk. Mfr. Ages Price 893735 665068 8+ $36.00

Space Farm Project Kit Thames & Kosmos Explore what it would take to set up an extraterrestrial farm on another planet. Experi- ment with a nutrient gel to grow garden cress in hydro- ponic tubes without soil. In the greenhouse dome, grow the alien-like Tiger's Jaws (Faucaria tigrina). Find out what plants need in order to grow and how those things

STEM / Makerspace SCIENCE

might be provided on another world. 4 experiments. Requires: scissors, water, thermometer, paper towels, 1 large and 2 small glass bowls, bottled water, microwave or cooking pot and stove, pot holders, jelly jar with lid, cotton, wool, materials for transplanting plants, balloon, glue, string, paper towel or paper tissue, ruler and ball, not included. Stk. Mfr. Ages Price 893700 550018 8+ $16.58

Solar Powered Rovers Thames & Kosmos With this kit, construct 5 motorized models. Build 3 types of solar cars, a solar fan, and a solar robot model. Conduct science experiments with each model to learn about gear ratios, solar cells, and more. A mod- ular gearing system lets you test out 3 different gear ratios. For ages 6+.

Nanotechnology Experiment Kit Thames & Kosmos The science of nanotech- nology deals with the smallest structures, in the range of 1 to 100 nanometers in size. Kit includes 41 hands-on experiments using both

Includes 54 pieces. Stk.






scaled-up models and real nanomaterials. Manual guides your explorations of the nanoworld and a game board helps you track your progress through the experiments. For ages 15+. Stk. Mfr. Price 893706 631727 $129.00


STEM Classroom Bundle Learning Resources Explore the wonders of magnetism and engineering, why things sink and float, 6 simple machines (lever board, wedge, pulley, cart, Archimedes screw and barrel

Chem C2000 Chemistry Set Thames & Kosmos Set introduces young chemists to chemical substances with exper- iments in inorganic and organic chemistry, as well as electrochemistry. Experiment with fil - tering and separating mixtures, combustion and electrochemical reactions. Work with indicators

weights), and the science of "how things go" with colorful, engaging tools and hands-on activities and experiments. The ideal introduction to building key STEM skills. All sets include a comprehensive activity guide with repro- ducible materials. For ages 5+. Includes 4 activity sets (Force and Motion, Simple Machines, Magnets and Sink or Float). Stk. Mfr. Price 502750 LER2834 $129.00

and stronger acids and bases. Explore elements and compounds, including the chemical and physical properties of water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. Discover atoms and molecules. Inspect soaps and household cleaners. Experiment with various foods to learn about sugars, fats and proteins. Investigate metals such as iron, copper and aluminum. Manual guides aspiring young chemists through more than 250 experi- ments. For ages 11+. Stk. Mfr. Price 893710 640125 $156.00

The Human Body Science Kit Thames & Kosmos Learn about the human body by doing experiments with your 5 senses that show you how your body works. Relate the 25 experiments back to human body sys- tems, including the internal organs, skeleton,

muscles and the circulatory system, with clear and accurate anatomical illustrations. Kit teaches human biology fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments. For ages 5+. Stk. Mfr. Price 893704 567003 $39.00


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