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Create+ Essentials 3D Printing Pen 3Doodler Now with dual drive, the Create+ is re-engineered to give you an ultra smooth and enhanced Doodling experience. Improvements include greater control in fast/slow speeds for differ-

3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen 3Doodler This 3D printing pen and its creations use low-heat, BPA-free and non-toxic plastic, mak- ing it completely safe for kids to use. As a tactile learning toy, 3Doodler Start inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding. For ages 8+. Essentials Set  Includes 1 Start Pen, 48 strands Start Plastic, activity guide and Micro USB cable. Stk. Mfr. Price 590494 3DS-ESST-E-R-17 $50.00 Super Mega Set  Includes 1 Start Pen, 192 strands Start Plastic, 8 DoodleBlocks and Micro USB cable. Stk. Mfr. Price 590530 3DS-MEGA-E-R-17 $99.00 6 Pen EDU Learning Kit  Includes 6 Start Pens, 600 strands Start Plastic, teachers kit, 6 DoodlePads™, 12 DoodleBlocks™ and 6 USB cables. Stk. Mfr. Price 590531 8SPSHALFED $350.00 12 Pen EDU Learning Kit  Includes 12 Start Pens, 1,200 strands Start Plastic, teachers kit, 12 DoodlePads™, 24 DoodleBlocks™ and 12 USB cables. Stk. Mfr. Price 590532 8SPSFULLED $600.00 Start Eco-Plastic Filament Strands 3Doodler Compatible with the 3Doodler Start Pen only. Made from food-safe materials, non-toxic, BPA-free, biodegradable and melts at low temperatures, so it is safe for young users. For every inch of plastic the 3Doodler creates 10" of Doodle. 24 straight-cut 6" strands.

ent Doodling techniques, more reliable performance with different plastic types and greater durability. Simplified, intuitive controls with 2 speeds and 2 temperature settings. Anodized aluminum casing. Extrudes ABS or PLA plastic. For ages 14+. 1 Pen Kit  Includes 1 pen, 600 strands of plastic, power adapter, tools and user manual. Stk. Mfr. Price 590545 8CPSBEUS3E $80.00 6 Pens Kit  Includes 6 pens, teacher's kit, students' kit and 600 strands of plastic. Stk. Mfr. Price 590546 8CPSHAUSED $699.00 12 Pens Kit  Includes 12 pens, teacher's kit, students' kit and 1,200 strands of plastic. Stk. Mfr. Price 590547 8CPSFUUSED $1,199.00


DoodleStand 2.0 3Doodler The perfect place to store your 3Doodler between creative sessions. More than just a stand, it also stores filaments so you can easily access them during your crafting experiences! Compatible with 3Doodler 1.0, 2.0 and Create. Shown with Pen and Filament, sold separately.







Pro 3D Printing Pen Set 3Doodler Designed to meet the demands of creative professionals and artists. It is an invaluable prototyping and design tool, enabling you to efficiently communicate your creative vision in 3D form. It is capable of handling





$7.80 $7.80 $7.80 $7.80 $7.80 $7.80

590535 590536 590537 590538 590539 590540


Simply White Cherry Red

3DS-ECO04-YELLOW Lemon Zest

specialty materials like wood, polycarbonate, nylon, bronze, copper and all 3Doodler plastics including PLA, FLEXY, and ABS. The nozzle set provides versatility for your chosen finish and extrusion. Includes portable battery pack, power adapter, 6 nozzles (0.5mm - 1.5mm), ribbon, square, triangle, smoothing tool, unblocking tool and 5 packs of plastic (Wood, Nylon, ABS, FLEXY, and PLA). Stk. Mfr. Price 590495 3DP-US $250.00


Ocean Blue Spring Green Charcoal Black

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3Doodler 3mm PLA Filament Strands 3Doodler A stickier plastic great for Doodling on windows, metal and other hard surfaces. Holds well to clothing. Made of corn and 100% biodegradable. For best performance set your 3Doodler to low

temp. Compatible with 3Doodler 2.0 and 3Doodler v.1. 25-pack of 10"L, straight-cut strands. Stk. Mfr. Color


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Royal Blue

Greener Grass Chili Pepper Red Rubber Ducky

Tuxedo Black

PL06-SNOW Snow White


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