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Arabic Clock Insert Primex Gold-tone plastic bezel, plastic backplate and lens. Rubber ring mounting system (3" dia. x 13/16"D). White face color with Arabic numerals.

Team Kit SAM Labs This kit makes coding accessible, experimental, interactive and fun. Use the SAM Blocks and the SAM Space app to build class- room projects and complete lesson plans that

Mfr.'s 3-year warranty. Includes 1 AA battery.

align with your curriculum. Compatible with LEGO. Supports 10 students. Includes 6 DC motors, 3 light sensors, 3 RGB lights, 6 wheels, 3 SAM controllers, 3 SAM car chassis, 3 roller balls, 3 LEGO gear attachments, 12 LEGO holder (6 small, 6 large), 3 multi micro USB charging cables and guide. Stk. Mfr. Price 800504 TEAM $459.00







Alpha Kit SAM Labs This introductory STEAM lesson kit is comprised of teaching materials, a flow- based coding app and a number of wireless electronic blocks and accessories. Use the SAM Blocks and Space app to build classroom proj- ects with your students and complete lesson

Maker Kit SAM Labs Bring a world of coding and cre- ating to your classroom. Kit is comprised of a variety of teaching materials, a flow-based coding app and a wide variety wireless elec- tronic blocks and accessories. For groups of 4-6 students.


plans. Compatible with LEGO. Supports 2-3 students. Includes 2 DC motors, light sensor, RGB light, 2 wheels, SAM car chassis, SAM controller, roller ball, LEGO gear attachment, 4 LEGO holders (2 small, 2 large), multi micro USB charging cable and guide. Stk. Mfr. Price 800503 ALPHA $160.00

Includes 2 buttons, 2 RGB lights, proximity sensor, heat sensor, buzzer, tilt sensor, light sensor, pressure sensor, 2 sliders, 4 DC motors, servo motor, 4 wheels, 2 SAM car chassis, 2 roller balls, 2 SAM controllers, 2 Lego® gear attachments, 4 large Lego holders, 10 small Lego holders and 2 multi micro USB charging cables. Stk. Mfr. Price 800500 MAKERKIT $499.00

Classroom Kit SAM Labs This STEAM lesson kit is for a full class, comprised of a variety of teaching materi- als, a flow-based coding app and an abundance of wireless electronic blocks and accessories, it’s everything you need to bring STEAM learning

Learn to Code Course Kit SAM Labs Use SAM Blocks and the SAM Blockly app to build classroom projects and complete lesson plans to teach KS2-KS3 computing. Using a block-based programming approach, this course kit consists of a variety of teaching materials, block-based coding app, and

to your classroom. Compatible with LEGO. Supports 30 students. Includes 20 DC motors, 10 light sensors, 10 RGB lights, 20 wheels, 10 SAM controllers, 10 SAM car chassis, 10 roller balls, 10 LEGO gear attach- ments, 40 LEGO holders (20 small, 20 large LEGO holders), 10 multi micro USB charging cables and guide. Laptop not included. Stk. Mfr. Price 800505 CLASSROOM $1,499.00 SAM Labs This is the ultimate kit for your classroom, bursting with everything needed to teach a class of 30 students. It includes an abundance of lesson plans, a huge as- sortment of wireless electronic blocks and a visual, flow-based coding app for the ultimate classroom experience. Includes 24 DC motor, 11 light sensor, 12 RGB light, heat sensor, servo motor, pressure sensor, 24 wheel, 12 LEGO gear attachment, 12 roller ball, 12 x SAM car chassis, 12 SAM controller, 30 small LEGO holder, 24 large LEGO holder and 12 multi micro USB charging cable. Tablet/Laptop not included. Stk. Mfr. Price 800508 MAKERSTEAM $1,999.00 Maker and STEAM Course Kit Classroom Bundle

a comprehensive suite of wireless hardware blocks. For ages 9-14. Includes 10 buzzers, 10 light sensors, 10 sliders, 10 Lego button jackets and 10 Lego slider jackets. Stk. Mfr. Item Price 800506 CODEKIT Without Micro:bit $1,499.00 800507 CODEKITMICRO With Micro:bit $1,599.00

Electronics Lab SmartLab Create real working games and gad- gets with an infinite number of electronic projects! With this lab’s 10 smart modules and micropro- cessor, you’ll be able to wire your own quiz show, an electronic drum kit, a motion sensor, just about anything you can imagine! Experimenting with the

multi-dimensional baseboard and real electronic components will teach you how electronic engineering works. The 48-page lab book includes step-by- step instructions on 50 specially designed circuit boards. For ages 8+. Requires 1 AAA battery, sold separately. Stk. Mfr. Price 833545 SL14786 $50.00


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