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CST™ 280 Stick/TIGWelder Miller Designed for Stick/TIG welding pipe and plate, durable, goes-anywhere welder delivers 280 amps of superior Stick performance, up to 3/16" in diameter. LiftArc™ delivers smooth TIG starts without high fre- quency. Amperage control provided through 14-pin re- ceptacle on front of the machine. Adaptive Hot Start™ automatically increases output amps. Voltage changeover switch saves time when changing primary voltage. Miller's 3-year True Blue warranty. Rated output: @ 35% duty cycle: 280 amps @ 31.2VDC. @ 50% duty cycle: 200 amps @ 28VDC. Amperage range: TIG: 5-280A, Stick: 30-280 A. Size 7.5"W x 13.5"H x 18"L. Weight 41 lbs. Dinse-Style Connector  Includes 1 set of male dinse connectors and 6' power cord. Stk. Mfr. Volts Phase Price 566387 907-251 208-230/400-460V 3 $2,589.00 Tweco®-Style Connector  Includes 6' power cord. Stk. Mfr. Volts Phase Price 566388 907-251-011 208-230/400-460V 3 $2,589.00 Tweco®-Style Connector with Meter  Includes 6' power cord. Stk. Mfr. Volts Phase Price 566389 907-696 220-230/460-575V 3 $3,025.00

Invertec® V155-STIGWelder Lincoln Smaller, lightweight inverter stick welder delivers precision arc control for code-quality results. Features 120/230V Auto-Reconnect™ operation from a portable generator or plugged into a 230V (200'L) extension cord. Touch Start TIG™ DC operation for easily striking arc w/ out high frequency or tungsten contamination. Auto-Adaptive Arc Force™ minimizes electrode

sticking in puddle w/out compromising arc stability or increased spatter. 2 stick modes (soft & crisp) provide the right arc for various electrodes. Auto restore fuse protects machine from input over current & resets w/out fuse change. Automatic Hot-Start™ boosts current during starting for easier arc strikes. F.A.N.™ noise/dust reduction. 3-yr. mfr.'s warranty. Rated output: @ 100% duty cycle (DC), 120V circuit: (Stick) 75 amps @ 23V, (TIG) 100 amps @ 24V, 230V circuit: (Stick) 105 amps @ 14.2V, (TIG) 130 amps @ 15.2V. Rated input 24 & 33.8 amps. Output range: (DC) 5-155 amps. Unit size 11.3"H x 6.2"W x 15.4"D. Weight 14.7 lbs. Includes (6.6') 120/230V input cord w/two 120V plugs (15 & 20 amp), work clamp & cable (w/Twist-Mate™ plug), stick electrode holder & cable (w/Twist-Mate™ plug), plus adjustable shoulder strap. Stk. Mfr. Volts Phase Price 503678 K2605-1 120/230 1 $1,509.00

Welding & Foundry TIGWELDERS

Dinse-Style Connector Miller Accepts #4 AWG to #1/0 cable size. Re- quired if male plugs shipped with power source must

Diversion™ 180TIGWelder Miller Portable, easy-to-use AC/DC TIG machine designed specifically for aluminum and stainless steel welding in a variety of applica- tions. Fan-On-Demand™ power source cooling system only operates when needed. High-fre- quency arc starting provides non-contact arc

be replaced or if additional plugs are needed. Kit includes one Dinse-style male plug which attaches to the work and/or weld cables and plugs into the Dinse-style receptacles on the power source. Stk. Mfr. Price 565910 042-418 $62.80

initiation that reduces tungsten and material contamination. Auto-postflow adjusts the length of postflow time based on the amperage setting, shield - ing your tungsten and eliminating the need to set the postflow time. Mfr.'s 3-yr. warranty. Rated Output: 150 Amps @ 16VDC, 20% duty cycle. Weight: 50 lbs. Includes power source, 8' primary cord with 2 MVP plugs, 12.5' Weld- craft® WP-17 TIG torch w/backcap, ceramic gas cup, 3/32" collet & collet body, 2% ceriated tungsten, RFCS-RJ45 remote foot control, 12' work cable with clamp and regulator/flow gauge with hose. Stk. Mfr. Volts Phase Price 567031 907-627 115/230 1 $2,351.00 Miller The easy-to-use 210 TIG/MIG provides legacy arc performance that allows you to expand your capabilities with an all-in-one package. Low power draw inverter provides full welding output from 240V while drawing less than 30 amps. Fan- on-Demand™ allows fan to run up to 36% less to reduce the amount of contaminants pulled though the machine. Miller's True Blue 3-year warranty. Steel 0.020"-1/4", Aluminum 0.020"-1/4". Amperage Range: 5-210. Rated output: @60% 120 A @ 15V. Unit size 18.5"W x 31.5"H x 43"L. Weight 144.5 lbs. Includes welder, 10' primary cord, 12' Dinse connector, 12' work cable with clamp and Dinse connector, 12' stick electrode holder with Dinse connector, HD remote foot control, regulator/flow gauge and gas hose, 4-pin to 14-pin connector, spool gun and quick reference guide. Stk. Mfr. Volts Phase Price 567135 951-684 120-240V 1 $3,010.00 Syncrowave® 210TIG/MIG Spoolmate ™ 150 Package

Tweco®-Style Connector Miller Accepts #1/0 to #2/0 AWG cable size. Kit in- cludes one Tweco-style male plug which attaches to the work and/or weld cables and plugs into the receptacle on the power source.







Weldcraft ™A-150ValveTIGTorch Miller This air-cooled torch is designed for max- imum comfort in a variety of applications and is a cost-effective alternative to complex water-cooled systems. Diamond Grip™ head design has ergo- nomic contact points for thumb and fingers. Heavy-

duty cable assembly allows use of a larger conductor for the power cable which simplifies repair and replacement making it ideal for field applications. Rated output DC: 150 A, AC: 115 A. Duty cycle 60%. Electrode range .020-1/8". Includes torch body, handle, power cable and long back cap. Stk. Mfr. Size Price 566570 WP-17V-12-2 12.5'L $124.00 566571 WP-17V-25-2 25'L $181.00


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