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1/8" Dia. Straws ABS Used as axle bearings for dragsters or for building model bridges.

Structural Stress Analyzer AMT Authentic testing platform designed to be both dependable and durable, the SSA enables students to perform materials testing in the same manner found at the college level - a perfect experience for inclusion in the student portfolio. With forces up to 1,000 lbs. the SSA displays real time data measuring force and de- flection of classroom-constructed towers, bridges and tensile samples. This stress-strain relationship curve




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1/8" dia. x 8"L

BRIDGE BUILDING KITS &TESTERS Industrial Technology Stk. Mfr. 957876 700081 TensileTester with Hand Pump Fischer For testing of specimens that will require from 300 - 5,000 lbs. (+/- 1% Accuracy ) of tensile load to cause fracture. Consisting of a load frame and a pumping system, the operator has precise control over the entire operation. Self-tightening grips accept up to 0.15" x 1.13" cross section, but the 5,000 lb. maximum load limits the largest specimen that can be tested (varies according to material strength). Meets ASME, AWS Codes & MIL Standards. Calibration (ASTM E4) traceable to NIST Standards. Tester 31"H x 7"W x 4"D. Pump 6"H x 4"W x 14"D. Weight 34 lbs. Includes hand-operated pump. Digital Gauge and Digital Readout sold separately. Stk. Mfr. Price 405903 TT5 $4,750.00 1/4" Dia. Plastic Straws ABS For building model bridges. Size 1/4" Qty. 150 Price $4.95

allows students to analyze and describe the performance of samples using college level concepts and vocabulary – an essential experience for college and career readiness. Rigid aluminum construction for stable desktop oper- ation. Maximum breaking force of 1,000 lbs. Proprietary graphing software & interface cable, for use with all Windows based operating systems. Sim- ple 2 button-operated LCD readout showing maximum force & deflection allows for both interfaced & standalone use. Comprehensive user’s manual & 20 day curriculum. Mfr.'s 1-yr. warranty & tech support. 120V. Size 7"D x 19"W x 35"H. Weight 60 lbs.

Includes tensile testing adapter and 15 test samples. Shown w/computer, mouse & monitor, not included. Stk. Mfr.





Tensile Specimen AMT





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Brass Steel

TensileTester Digital Gauge Fischer Determine the load required to break a specimen with this digital gauge. The gauge shows the live load during a test. After the specimen breaks, the breaking load can be recalled by the push of a button. Calibration consists of set- ting the maximum (5,000 lb.) and minimum (0 lb.) loads. For use with Fischer Tensile Tester TT5.

Bridge andTower Earthquake ShakeTable

Kelvin Designed to emulate the motion of a shake table by simulating the wave motion cre- ated during earthquakes. Use it to design and test earthquake resistant structures like model bridges and towers. The controller has 2 knobs; one that controls side-to-side movement and the other controls up-and- down movement (primary and secondary waves). Includes the testing components, 2.5 lb. weight and controller with built-in power supply. Stk. Mfr. Price 492159 851963 $786.00







TensileTester Digital Readout Fischer Digital readout gives the most accurate means for determining the breaking load. The elec- tronic measuring system is comprised of a micropro- cessor-controlled readout and a precision pressure transducer. Provides a linear load reading from 300

to 5,000 lbs. The accuracy of the system is better than +/- 1%. Digital read- out of live and peak loads as well as auto zero are standard functions. For use with Fischer Tensile Tester TT5. Stk. Mfr. Price 405906 TT5-D $2,682.00

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