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20" Planer

PLANERS Woodworking Machinery 615345 4420.201 carbide inserts, indexed for quick changing. Serrated steel infeed roller provides smooth feeding. Polished built-in table roller assists movement of rough stock. Cutterhead 2-7/8" dia., 4,800 RPM. Helical inserts 90. Capacity: 16"W x 6"T. Depth of cut 1/8". Unbutted stock 6" min. Feed rate 16/20 fpm. Table size 16"L x 20"W (w/extensions 44"W). Tool size 35"L x 45"W x 43.5"H. Tool weight 670 lbs. Stk. Mfr. Volts HP Phase Powerful 5 HP motor handles production-level work. Helical cutterhead with 132 four-sided knife inserts produce a superior finish with a much quieter operation. Inserts are installed without further adjustments. Solid cast iron base, table and head. Anti-kickback fingers and pressure bar are located close to the cutter- head for an exceptional finish. • 2-speed oil bath gearbox transmits full power to feed rollers & facilitates fast speed changes at 24 & 31 fpm • Corrugated infeed & fine groove outfeed rollers ensure a smooth feed • Precision-ground & polished cast iron table rides on 4 steel columns • Enclosed base cabinet w/integrated casters • Large cast iron table & extensions ensure a flat, smooth cut • Feed rollers & cutterhead supported by full cast iron head assembly Helical HSS 132, 4-sided knife inserts. Capacity: 20"W x 8" thick. Depth of cut 3/32". Unbutted stock 10" min. Feed rate 24 & 31 fpm (plus 16 & 20 fpm). Feed rolls: outfeed 3", infeed 3". Table size 55-1/2"L x 20"W. Tool size 26"L x 36-5/8"W x 41-3/8"H. Tool weight 800 lbs. Includes enclosed stand, inch/mm readout scale, segmented infeed roller, extension tables, adjustable bed rollers & 5" dust port. Stk. Mfr. Volts HP Phase Controls Price 656667 1791315 230 5 1 Magnetic $4,859.00 656668 1791316 230 5 3 Magnetic $4,859.00 Price 220 5 1 $3,549.00 20" Planer Model 209HH 16" Planer with Helical Cutterhead Oliver This full featured planer with a power- ful 5HP motor and helical cutterhead gets the job done with ease. Built in table rollers reduce friction for rough stock and keep the material from hanging up. The powerful chain drive system positively feeds the material through a 2-speed gear reduction box. Digital readout for thickness and built in mobile base with casters. Helical cutter head includes German-made

Helical head planer quickly and quietly transforms rough lumber into smooth boards, with a full 20" planing width. Its heavy-duty cast iron and steel construction keeps the workpiece steady and supported, while the conveniently located two-speed gear box allows for quick and easy feed rate adjustments. • Helical cutterhead w/indexable carbide inserts for a superior finish & qui- eter cut • Heavy-duty cast iron & steel construction for added strength & durability • 2-speed gear box w/automatic chain tensioner lets you adjust the feed rate to meet your needs • Large, cast iron, precision ground table for precise workpiece support • Powerful 5 HP TEFC induction motor w/three V-belt transmission for smooth & consistent power • Positive gear drive moves table quickly & accurately • Cast iron infeed & outfeed tables come w/the machine • Large handwheel w/positive gear drive allows for quick & accurately table adjustments • 1/16" increment height scale lets you make the most precise adjustments for fine cuts • Magnetic controls provide long life & reliability • 5-yr. mfr.'s warranty Cutterhead: 3-3/16" dia. 5,000 rpm. Helical 92 carbide 4-sided knife inserts. Capacity: 20"W x 8" thick. Depth of cut 3/32". Unbutted stock 6-3/4". Feed rate 24 & 31 fpm. Dust port 5", 400 Minimum CFM Required. Table size 25-3/4"L x 2"W. Tool size 36-5/8"L x 26"W x 41-3/8"H. Tool weight 753 lbs. Includes helical cutterhead, extension wings, enclosed stand & manual. Stk. Mfr. Volts HP Phase Controls Price 486021 JWP-208HH-1 230 5 1 Magnetic $4,143.00 19,200 rpm. All cast iron construction for years of accurate planing. Hinged top allows easy ac- cess to rollers and knives. Anti-kickback fingers and pressure bar are located close to the cutter- head for an exceptional finish. • Oil-bath, 2-speed gearbox w/machined de- tents is quickly changed up front for fine finishing • Segmented infeed roller w/sectional chip breaker allows multiple-piece planing & consistent feed & finish • Roller bearing feed rollers ensure long trouble-free service • Adjustable bed rollers smoothly feed rough & finished pieces • Heavy, 2-column support cast iron table travels on 2 large lead screws & supports large workpieces (1 handle turn = 1/16") Cutterhead: 3-1/4" dia. 4,800 rpm. Helical 150 indexable carbide 4-sided knife inserts. Capacity: 22"W x 9-1/4" thick. Depth of cut 3/16". Unbutted stock 10". 22" Floor Model Planers Model 201HH 7.5 HP motor runs at • 5" dust port provides efficient chip & dust collection • 1-piece welded steel base offers solid support & stability

Feed rate 20 & 30 fpm. Feed rolls: outfeed 3", infeed 3". Table size 32-1/4"L x 24"W. Tool size 42"L x 49"W x 59"H. Tool weight 1,300 lbs.

Includes segmented infeed roller w/sectional chip breaker, roller-bearing feed rollers, adjustable bed rollers, knife gauge, 5" dust port & wrenches. Stk. Mfr. Volts HP Phase Controls Price 656622 1791267 230 7.5 1 Magnetic $9,533.00 656623 1791268 230 7.5 3 Magnetic $9,533.00


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