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E-Z Pro™ Pocket Hole Jig Kit General Create 3 types of professional pocket joints (flush, corner & angle) with accuracy and ease. Ideal for building cabinets, furniture and other woodworking proj- ects. Heavy-duty aluminum body with hardened steel drill bushings and built-in clamping system. Portable or bench mount. Includes clamping system, 3/8" step drill bit & drill stop w/wrench, 6" square drive bit, screws, instructions & DIY project plans. Stk. Mfr. Price 419632 849 $49.10 Custom Pocket Hole Cutter Kreg Use pocket-hole joinery virtually anywhere by hiding the holes with perfectly matched plugs created from any wood. Compatible with Kreg Micro-Pocket™ and the Kreg Jig® HD. The bit features a specially designed cutting tip that shears cleanly for a smooth, consistent plug. The positive stop collar ensures perfect depth every time. Hardened-steel drill guides provide reliable drilling. Includes standard cutting bit, bit stop collar and hex wrench. Stk. Mfr. Price 793951 KPCS $96.20

Pocket Hole Jig 310 Kreg The 310 Jig features a hardened-steel drill guide and thickness stops for 1/2", 3/4", and 1-1/2" material, along with a material-thickness gauge and an easy-set drill bit that make setup simple. Dura- ble construction and a lifetime drill-guide warranty ensure it will deliver years of performance. Includes drill guide with stops, easy-set bit and stop collar, thickness gauge/ wrench and 6" square-drive bit. Stk. Mfr. Price 793961 KPHJ310 $25.90

Pocket Hole Jig 320 Kreg The 320 Jig features 2 hardened-steel drill guides, removable spacer, and thickness stops for 1/2", 3/4", and 1-1/2" material, along with a mate- rial-thickness gauge and an easy-set drill bit that make setup simple. Durable construction and a


lifetime drill-guide warranty ensure it will deliver years of performance. Includes 2 drill guides with stops, drill guide spacer, clamp adapter, easy- set bit and stop collar, thickness gauge/wrench, 6" square-drive bit, twenty 1-1/4" pocket-hole screws, twenty 2-1/2" Blue-Kote™ pocket-hole screws and case. Stk. Mfr. Price 793962 KPHJ320 $51.80 HD Pocket Hole Jig Kreg Optimized for 2x4's and larger stock. Utilizes #14 industrial-quality, heavy-duty, hardened-steel screws. Works great as a stand-alone jig mounted to a Kreg Face Clamp™. Connects directly to model K3 or K4 Kreg Jig® benchtop bases for upright drilling. Stop block provides easy, repeatable registration to workpiece. Quick change hex-shank drill bit. Includes HD drill guide, stop block, 1/2" dia. HD stepped drill bit, HD stop collar & allen wrench, 6" HD driver bit & starter screw set. Stk. Mfr. Price 793801 KJHD $84.20

Custom Plug Cutting Bit Kreg Bit works with the Custom Pocket-Hole Plug Cutter to create plugs to match your proj-

ect. The positive stop collar ensures perfect drilling depth. Special fluting re - duces heat and friction for better plugs and longer bit life. The multi-tooth cutting tip shears cleanly to produce smooth, consistent plugs. Stk. Mfr. Item Shank Price 793952 KPC1020 Custom (Standard) 3/8" $45.80 793953 KPC1040 Micro-Pocket™ 3/8" $45.80 793954 KPC1060 Heavy-Duty (HD) 3/8" $45.80

Foreman Pocket Hole Machine Kreg Create pocket holes with speed and ac- curacy time and again. Start the powerful 110V motor, clamp your workpiece, and raise the drill bit through the table. This simple operation drills a precise pocket hole at the perfect depth. • Creates 3 types of joints

Micro Pocket ™ Drill Guide Kreg 25% smaller hole dia. for creating compact, low-profile pocket-holes. Tackle smaller projects, ex - tremely narrow stock (1/2"W) and tighter repair appli- cations. Smaller hole is less noticeable on exposed joints. Works with K3 & K4 Kreg Jigs®. Quick ID black color. Use with 3/4" panhead screws, included in screw set.

• Portable & durable, w/ample workspace • Built-in storage & dust collection • Polyurethane base w/cast-aluminum tabletop • Mfr.'s 1-yr. limited warranty Material capacity: 1/2"- 1-1/2"T. Tabletop 14" x 23-1/2". Tool size 15"H x 19"L x 29-1/2"D. Tool weight 20 lbs.

Includes Micro Pocket drill bit & depth collar, plus starter screw set. Stk. Mfr. Price 793879 KJMICRODGB $64.80

Includes adjustable fence w/spring-loaded stops, dust-collection attach- ment, 3/8" stepped drill bit & drill guide, drill bit setting block & manual. Stk. Mfr. Volts Price 793912 DB210 110 $504.00

Mini Kreg Jig™ Kit Kreg Single drill guide jig is the most position- able pocket hole tool. Designed without an alignment fence so it can be clamped at virtually any angle or orientation to the edge of a work- piece. Use when a project is already assembled and in need of any extra pocket hole or in re-

pair applications like tightening a chair or table rail to the leg. Includes 1-piece step drill bit & depth collar w/Allen wrench. Stk. Mfr.






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