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Construction Master® Pro Calculator Calculated Industries Calculator provides powerful, built-in solutions and expanded preference settings. Easy-to-use in the field or shop. Perfect for completing plans, layouts, bids and estimates (saves time, money & materials). • Built-in right-angle stair, roof & rafter solutions •Calculate area, volume, square-up, perimeter & more

Scout® Portable Balance Ohaus Ideal for laboratory and educational applications, the Scout features an easy to navigate color touchscreen display and slim design which allows stackable storage. Geared for superior performance with fast stabilization time and high resolution weighing results. • Application modes - parts counting, totalization, density determination, display hold, percent, check, dynamic and mole •Weighing units - mg, g, kg, ct, N, oz, ozt, dwt, lb, lb:oz, grn, hkt, sgt, twt, tical, tola, customer unit 1 • ABS housing, stainless steel pan, weigh-below hook, transportation lock, manual calibration lock switch, security slot, leveling feet, illuminated up- front level indicator • Connectivity options include RS232, USB Host, USB Device, Ethernet and Bluetooth® • Battery or AC power options Size 8"W x 8.8"D x 2.1"H. Weight 2.2 lbs. Includes stainless steel pan, calibration weights and AC adapter. 4 AA batteries required, sold separately. Stk. Mfr. Capacity Readability Price 585255 STX222 220 g 0.01 g $574.00 585256 STX421 420 g 0.1 g $326.00 585257 STX422 420 g 0.01 g $804.00

•Work in & convert between building dimensions (including metric) • Stair layouts (tread, risers, stringer, stairwell, floor thickness) • Figures arcs, area, circumference, segments & more • Solutions for hip/valley, jacks, cutting angles & arched rake-walls • Measurements for drywall (siding & panels), studs (on-center) & com- pound miter cuts • 1-yr. mfr.’s limited warranty LCD segment display (0.625" x 2.5"), 11 digits (7 normal, 4 fractions, full annunciators). 10-digit internal accuracy. Includes 2 long-life 1.5V batteries, English & Spanish CD w/how-to videos, 3 guides (CD user guide, pocket-reference guide & easy-follow English user guide) & hard-slide case. Stk. Mfr. Price 282000 4065 $77.60

General Supplies SCALES


Triple Beam Mechanical Balance Ohaus Capable of weighing solids, liquids, powders or even animals. Provides the conve- nience of a top-loading scale with the durability and versatility to accommodate a range of lab needs.

CX Portable Balance Ohaus Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Compass CX series offers a battery life of up to 1,000 continuous hours, allowing for uninterrupted operation. Featuring a slim, stackable and light-weight design, 2-button op- eration and large backlit LCD display.

• 3 notched & tiered beams w/center reading • Spring-loaded zero adjust compensator Size 18"L x 12"W x 9"H. Removable stainless steel pan.  Stk. Mfr. Capacity

Size 7.9"L x 5.3"W x 1.6"H. Weight 1.1 lbs. Includes 3 AA batteries. Stk. Mfr. Capacity



$148.00 $148.00 $174.00

585215 585216 585217

CX221 CX2200 CX5200

220 g

0.1 g



2,200 g 5,200 g

1 g 1 g




610 g

0.1 g

Stainless steel weighing plate.  Stk. Mfr.




Valor™ 1000 Compact Scales Ohaus Economical, multipurpose scale with an accumulation mode and multiple units of mea- sure. Portable unit features fast response time, leveling capability and precision resolutions up to 7,500d. • Removable, stainless steel weighing platform w/leveling adjustment • Mid-profile ABS plastic housing (NSF certified, supports HACCP systems) • 80-hr. internal, rechargeable battery (w/AC adapter) • Digital external calibration software for weighing & check weighing • Single or dual blue, easy-read LCD display w/selectable auto-off • Quick-adjust leveling feet & front panel level bubble •Weighs kilograms, pounds, grams & ounces Size 10"L x 12"W x 4.3"H. Includes AC adapter & 9V battery. Stk. Mfr. Item Capacity Readability Price



750-SO 610 g

0.1 g

3-PieceWeight Set Ohaus For use with Triple Beam Mechanical Balances. Includes two 1kg. & one 500g.







School Balance Ohaus Introduce elementary and middle school students to the science of metrology. Interchange- able red square pans are easily removable for

pouring, cleaning and storing. Versatile unit measures small items such as paper clips, marbles and coins, plus heavier objects such as books. Durable polystyrene platform. Size 11"L x 4"W x 4.5"H. Stk. Mfr. Capacity Readability Price 585235 SB1200 2,000 g 0.5 g $65.60

$262.00 $277.00

585260 585261

V11P3 Single Display 3,000 g 0.5 g V11P3T Dual Display 3,000 g 0.5 g


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