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Super 48" Key-Bak ® Key-Bak Case made from durable polycarbonate ma- terial. Carries up to 15 keys. Attachment to your belt is done either by a metal clip that can convert to a belt loop (with the enclosed pin) or a leather loop that slides onto a belt. Patented ball-joint feature secures the keys firmly in place.

Combination Locks Master Lock BlockGuard® Anti-Shim Technology with- stands attempts to violate the latch mechanism. Includes combination chart to facilitate lock system administration. Double-reinforced stainless steel body withstands abuse. Hardened steel shackle for extra cut resistance. 3-number dialing with automatic scrambling feature to prevent re- opening of lock. For security reasons, all Master combination locks are shipped di- $8.36 Keyed Lock  For supervisory access. Keyed Lock does not include Control Key. Please specify series number if trying to maintain control by present master key.  Stk. Mfr. Body Shackle Price 145134 1525 1-7/8"W 9/32" dia. x 3/4"H x 13/16"W $9.38 Control Key  Stk. Mfr. Body Shackle Price 145000 1525K $10.30 Keyed Alike Laminated Padlock Master Lock Commercial grade padlocks feature superior protection from drilling and prying. Lam- inated steel body for superior strength. Hardened steel shackle for superior cut resistant. Dual locking levers provide extra pry resistance. Non-rekeyable cylinder helps prevent picking. Please specify Series No. if maintaining control w/present master key, may be priced slightly higher. Stk. Mfr. Item Series No. Body Price 144987 7KA No. 7 P605 1-1/8"W $12.00 144981 3KA No. 3 3769 1-9/16"W $14.70 144951 1KA No. 1 2510 1-3/4"W $14.50 rect from factory. Non-Keyed Lock  Stk. Mfr. Body Shackle Price 145067 1502 1-7/8"W 9/32" dia. x 3/4"H x 13/16"W





$16.60 $19.10

494005 494006


Belt Clip / Loop Leather Loop



Power Magnets General Strong and permanent magnets made of aluminum, nickel and cobalt alloy are great for lifting, holding, sorting, clamping or riveting steel or iron parts. Top hole for at- taching conveyors, racks & welding jigs.

Hardware & Fasteners MAGNETS

Includes steel keeper. Stk. Mfr.




$9.77 $25.90 $41.90

418072 418139 418206

370-1 1 oz.

2-1/4 lbs.

370-4 4 oz. w/3/16" hole top 22 lbs. 370-6 6 oz. w/3/16" hole top 30 lbs.

Flexible MagneticTape Master Magnetics Powerful adhesive backing sticks to most project surfaces. Cuts easily with scissors. All rolls have adhesive on one side and magnetic material on the other.








1" x 10'

Magnet Assortment Master Magnetics Magnets can be cut into a variety of sizes and shapes. Includes ten 1-1/4" round, ten 1-1/4" square & ten 1-1/4" triangular flex magnets. Stk. Mfr. Price 530010 07257 $9.97


24" Chrome Bracket Mount Key-Bak ® Key-Bak Protect students and meet safety regulations with the retractable Key-Bak by mounting the chuck key to the drill press.

Ceramic Disc Magnet Set Master Magnetics Also known as ferrite magnets, these powerful discs are made from the highest grade ceramic material available giving them unbeatable pull strength. Ideal for crafters and teachers. Attach to photo frames, cal-

Secure pocket-watch-size retractor to any flat surface using its metal bracket attachment. The textured-chrome case houses a 24" stainless steel chain allowing key or tool use at arm's length and at any angle without detachment. The precision-made Key-Bak has a lifetime service policy. Stk. Mfr. Item Price 494000 7LSC Large Swivel w/out Split Ring $16.10 494002 7 Small Swivel w/Split Ring $14.90

endars, schedules and more. Display on ferrous metal surfaces. Stk. Mfr. Size Qty./Pkg.





3/4" dia. x 3/16"T 8

Neodymium Disc Magnet Set Master Magnetics Powerhouse magnetic discs are small, but great for projects that require extreme strength. Mag- nets can chip if dropped.






$6.74 $6.74

943194 943195

07046 .472" dia. x 0.118"T each 6 07047 .709" dia. x 0.118"T each 3


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