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MachinedTop Read Aluminum Levels Johnson Level Highly accurate, extruded

Hot Shot® MagneticTorpedo Laser Level Johnson Level Durable, 7" molded plastic

LEVELS HandTools & BuildingTrades 619300 1800990 619301 1801094 aluminum I-beam frame with black anodized finish and computer-machined edges. Shock-protecting end caps. 360° acrylic yellow barrel vials (2 plumb & 1 level) with screw-on high-impact plastic covers and protective lenses. Large magnified top-read window. Strong, full-length magnetic strip. Stk. Mfr. Length Price 486910 3724 24" $22.30 486912 3748 48" $32.40 486914 3772 72" $68.70 Magnetic Base  Stk. Mfr. Length Price 486920 3824 24" $26.80 486922 3848 48" $35.70 486923 3872 72" $70.70 I-BeamAluminum Level Stanley Heavy-duty aluminum I-beam con- struction provides rigidity and accuracy. Mea- suring scale printed on level. 180° rotating vial for a range of situations. 360° vials never need adjustment. Level accuracy of 0.0015". Stk. Mfr. Length Price 853720 42-324 24" $15.20 1000 Series I-Beam Levels Irwin Rigid aluminum I-Beam construction Ro- tating angle vial Full length V-grooved strip magnet. Stk. Mfr. Length Price 24" 48" $29.20 $44.30 Aluminum Box Beam Level Stanley Center block vial for durability and accuracy of 0.0005". Large 12mm tubular plumb vials for accuracy of 0.001". Enlarged vial housing for bright lit vials. Shock-absorbing end caps, MaxEdge™ bridged center vial for continuous marking surface and dura- bility. Stk. Mfr. Length Price 864845 STHT42496 24" $32.40 864847 STHT42504 48" $44.70 Magnetic Base  Stk. Mfr. Length Price 864846 STHT42497 24" $35.90 864848 STHT42505 48" $49.10 Eco-Tech® Bamboo Level Johnson Level Bamboo level resists mortar adhesion, making it easy to clean. Aluminum gauging edges assure durability. Unbreakable vial windows. Stk. Mfr. Length Price 487624 1610-2400 24" $61.30 487625 1610-4800 48" $69.60

housing is impact resistant and lightweight (5 oz.). Fits where standard-size levels won't. 3 manual vials (plumb, level & accuracy cross-check). Built-in, rotating head swivels between dot, horizontal and vertical lines. • Interior range up to 100' (depending on light) • Accuracy ±3/8"/50' • Battery life ±70 hr. (continuous use) •Working temp 14°F to 113°F Includes 2 AAA batteries & manual. Stk. Mfr. Price 486926 40-0915 $33.10

Hot Shot® LaserMouse™ Handheld Laser Level Johnson Level Class II laser projects laser line up to 30'. Reusable SuperStik adhesion system adheres to any surface without leaving marks or holes. Integrated horizontal and vertical vials.

Ideal for laying tile and flooring, installing cabinets and shelves and more. Includes adhesive strip, 2 AA batteries, instructions & carrying pouch. Stk. Mfr. Price 486940 9250 $34.00

Automatic Optical Level

Large aperture 32x-power lens allows more light for a sharper image and excellent magnification. Self-leveling compensator with transport lock protects pendulum against damage and loss of calibration. Both hor- izontal/vertical Crosshairs and Stadia lines measures level, alignment and estimates distance. Screws provides stability in all weather for precision leveling. Top mount quick sight for quick sighting of leveling rod. Circular bubble vial with 90° prism for easy, fast set-up.

Magnification 35x. Accuracy up to ±1/16" @ 100'. Range up to 330'. Includes automatic optical level, plumb bob, carrying case, tool kit, con- struction tripod & 8' leveling rod. Stk. Mfr. Tripod Thread Head Price 258902 GOL26CK 5/8" x 11 Flat $417.00

Self-Leveling Rotary Laser System

Rotary laser can be used for leveling, setting foundations and footings, concrete pours, align and plumb walls and many more applica- tions. Self-levels in the horizontal plane. Manual-lev- eling in the vertical plane with 90° split beam. Laser rotates at 200, 400, 600 RPM. Mfr.'s 3-year warranty.

Range: interior up to 200' dia., exterior up to 800' dia. Accuracy +/-1/8"/50'. Beam type visible red laser. Self-leveling range +/- 3°. Weight 3.3 lbs.

Includes laser, 4 AA batteries, wall-ceiling mount, 8' grade rod, detector with 2 AAA batteries and clamp, tinted glasses, magnetic target, elevating tripod and molded case. Stk. Mfr. Tripod Thread Price 487605 40-6517 5/8"-11 $553.00

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