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SAFETY STORAGE CABINETS Flammable Liquid Cabinet

iVac Switch Box BCTINT Used for tools and dust collectors op- erating on 115 Vac @ 15 Amps maximum. Auto- matically turns on your dust collector (up to 1 HP) or shop vacuum when you turn on a power tool plugged into the unit. The dust collector will con- tinue to run for 6 seconds after the tool has been

Eagle Keep flammable liquids near your work area. Cabinet is constructed of 18-gauge steel. Sides, top, bottom, and doors are dou- ble-walled with a 1-1/2" air space between walls. Both vents, with 2" threaded fittings, have fire baffle and cap. Cabinet features yel - low high gloss powder finish with red warning, plus grounding attachment, 3-point key lock, and 2" raised, leakproof door sill. Each shelf is

turned off in order to clear any dust and debris in the hoses. TUV safety approval and conforms to UL STD 244A and certified to CSA STDC22.2 #14. Stk. Mfr. Price 529500 SB-NA $64.90

adjustable, supported by 4 brackets, and can support 350 pounds. All Eagle metal cabinets meet NFPA Code 30 and OSHA requirements. 2-Door, Manual Close Cabinet  Stk. Mfr. Capacity Overall Size Price 379407 1932X 30 gal. 43"W x 44"H x 18"D $1,024.00 379474 1947X 45 gal. 43"W x 65"H x 18"D $1,268.00 379487 1962X 60 gal. 31.25"W x 65"H x 31.25"D $1,527.00 Paint & Ink Storage Cabinets, 2-Door Manual Close  Stk. Mfr. Capacity Overall Size Price 379510 YPI-77X 30 gal. 43"W x 65"H x 12"D $1,368.00 379506 YPI-32X 40 gal. 43"W x 44"H x 18"D $1,138.00 379507 YPI-47X 60 gal. 43"W x 65"H x 18"D $1,621.00



Funnel Eagle Funnel may be used with safety cans. Fits snugly as a spout or can be detached and used as a funnel. Self-venting.


Mfr. F-15






Type 1 Safety Can w/Funnel Eagle Safety spring on spout closes cap tightly. Double-walled brass flame arrestor absorbs and dissipates hot air to keep vapor tempera- ture below ignition point. Attach self-venting 9" funnel for use as a spout.

Meets OSHA requirements. Stk. Mfr.




$63.50 $67.90 $73.80

378134 378140 378201

UI-10-FS UI-20-FS UI-50-FS

1 gal. 2 gal. 5 gal.




Steel OilyWaste Can Justrite Combustion-safe can helps dispose of solvent and oily waste, rags and other material subject to spon- taneous combustion. Self-closing, hands-free cover snaps shut, stays shut when pedal is released. Lead-free galva- nized steel body with reinforcing ribs. Round, raised can with flow-through base. Powder-coated bright red finish with trilingual safety label. 10-yr. mfr.'s warranty.

Meets OSHA requirements. FM & UL approved. Stk. Mfr. Capacity Height


$98.30 $113.00

492200 492205

09100 09300

6 gal.

15-7/8"H 18-1/4"H

10 gal.


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