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3D SCANNERS FAB LAB Einscan-Pro Handheld 3D Scanner Afinia This multi-functional 3D scanner can be used in handheld modes, or with a tripod and turntable for au- tomatic scanning. Using safe, white light LED scanning, the EinScan-Pro rapidly captures and delivers watertight 3D data of real objects for 3D printing, or non-water- tight data for reverse engineering applications. With its ergonomic design, and weighing only 1.75 lbs., it's portable and fit for any duration of handheld scan. 4 scan options: • Handheld Rapid Scan for portable, rapid scanning • Handheld HD Scan for capturing objects with high accuracy (50 microns) • Automatic Scan for completing a 360° scan in just 1.5 minutes (requires turntable) • Free Scan for scanning larger objects (requires tripod) Stk. Mfr. Item Price 190360 26569 Scanner Only $3,999.00 190370 26814 Scanner with Tripod and Turntable $4,698.00 Choose automatic scan mode with an automated turntable, or a fixed scan mode for larger objects. The white-light scanner uses structured light or light phase shifting technology. This creates a highly accurate scan without using lasers. Automatic scans take 3 minutes to complete, which is many times faster than similar desktop 3D scanners with turntables. Mfr.'s 1-year parts and labor warranty. Scan volume Automatic: 200 x 200 x 200 mm / Fixed: 700 x 700 x 700 mm. Size 570 x 210 x 210 mm. Weight 5.5 lbs. Includes USB cable, calibration pattern assembly, users guide and USB drive with installation software. Stk. Mfr. Price 190420 28837 $1,299.00 EinScan-SE 3D Scanner ExtendedWarranty Afinia All Afinia EinScan-SE 3D Scanners include a Mfr's 1-year warranty. The 2nd year Extended Warranty extends the life of your machine, trouble free, by covering it for unexpected parts and labor for an additional year. Warranty must be purchased within 30 days of printer shipment. Stk. Mfr. Price 190425 28858 $199.00 Handheld 3D Scanner XYZprinting Lightweight and portable handheld scan- ner is powered by an Intel® RealSense™ module, which provides full-colored scanning ability and a 648 x 480 at 30 FPS scanning resolution. Exclusive Head Mode and Object Mode for best scanning results. Software output file types XYZscan/.stl, .obj. Operating range 3.93" - 27.55". Size 1.61" x 6.18" x 2.4". Weight .52 lbs. Stk. Mfr. Price 482011 3SH1AXUS00K $381.00 EinScan-SE 3D Scanner withTurntable Afinia Creates printable 3D models with high accuracy for a range of creative 3D printing applications. The full-color texture scanning option is perfect for animation and graphic arts.

ICONIC CNC ICONIC Looking for the ultimate CNC pack- age for your shop? ICONIC Inc. has exactly what you are looking for. This complete CNC package provides you with everything you will need. •High-frequency, whisper quiet spindle, with variable speed •Z-Axis Auto-Indexer, for multi-tool operations •Maintenance-free linear bearings

• Ball-screw transmission on all 3 axis • Anodized aluminum table • 40-Seat VCarve Desktop License and iPicture Design Software • Easy-to-use handheld controller • Complete online training videos • Mfr.'s unlimited technical support plus, 3-year warranty 120V, 6 Amps, 6,000-20,000 RPM. Cutting capacity 20"X, 15"Y, 4"Z. $299.00 handling charge will be added to this product. Steel Stand  Includes Lexan safety enclosure, steel-frame stand, integrated dust-collection adapter, tooling set, 8-piece CNC tool kit, software, online video training and unlimited technical support. Stk. Mfr. Item $11,999.00 Enclosed Mobile Base with Built-in Dust Collection  Includes Lexan safety enclosure, mobile base with built-in dust-collection, tooling set, 8-piece CNC tool kit, software, online video training and unlimited technical support. Stk. Mfr. Item Price 478005 IE2015XM CNC Only $8,999.00 478006 IE2015XMT CNC with On-Site Training $12,999.00 Cutting speed of X/Y/Z, 236/236/118 inches/min. Positional accuracy 0.002". Size 34.5"L x 34.25"W Price 478000 IE2015XC CNC Only $7,999.00 478002 IE2015XCT CNC with On-Site Training

Complete CNCTool Kit ICONIC The perfect tool kit to pair with your ICONIC (or any other) CNC machine. Kit comes complete with 8 solid carbide router bits, all with 1/4" shanks. Includes down-spiral end mill (1/8", 1/4"), ta- pered ball nose (1/32", 1/16", 1/4"), V-bits (90°, 60°) and 30° engraving tool (0.005" tip).







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